Leave Nothing to Chance

Many people begin their journey to physical wellness with strong motivation and the hope that it will change their lives for the better. Whether it’s getting fit or eating a healthy diet, at Dynamic Fitness Co. (DF&Co) we know it takes courage to attempt something new, and getting started can be the hardest part of it all. Yes, motivation and hope are essential to the process...and our philosophy adds the most critical component to the mix, strategy.  

The success of your journey toward long term health is built on preparing for the challenges that most of us face when dealing with getting and staying fit. Plainly put, at DF&Co we leave nothing to chance. In our effort to live the most active and fulfilling life, we live by the words TRAIN, EAT, LIVE.  Here’s how we do it.


Our members work with us to improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, body composition, and functional movement patterns. To do this we use a modified conjugate method program that allows us to train optimally while limiting the chance of injury or plateaus in your progress.

Training at Dynamic is not only about sweating through our kickass strength and conditioning workouts. It is also about understanding that we must all invest time and energy in the practice of things we want to master.


Without exception, eating food is something every living creature on the earth does. In addition to being fuel for the body, food can be cultural, emotional, social, political, and so many other things. Because of the complexities of food, we dedicate a huge piece of our philosophy to eating.

The Dynamic Foods Nutrition Program (DFNP) advocates for a whole-foods diet, made up of properly sourced and properly prepared foods, eaten in traditional ways. The DFNP is an 8-week program that will take you step-by-step in changing what and how you eat.

In addition, our pillar EAT isn’t only about food, it’s also about consuming the things that will nourish your mind as well as your body. Whether it is food, friends, books, arts, your humanity needs fuel. Feed yourself the things that will make you grow into a more complete human.


What good is training hard and eating well if you don't go out and do something with it. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to live, and we are no exception.

We believe that to live an active life you need to share with those in your community the gifts you've been given, and the gifts you've earned through hard work. Building up the community around you will only increase the confidence that anything you can dream and hope for can be achieved through planning and perseverance.

And there it is… TRAIN, EAT, LIVE. Let us be a part of your journey. And remember, magic happens when you LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE.