Why work with a personal trainer?

Dynamic offers the most comprehensive one-on-one personal training and nutrition programs. Working out with a personal trainer can help you reach your goals sooner, safer and generally with better results than exercising alone. We have a functional and balanced approach to fitness that considers the whole body including nutrition and your lifestyle.

Our private training program FEATURES:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Monthly body composition measurements
  • Electronic training program and calendar
  • Individualized whole-foods nutrition coaching
  • Unlimited Community Training classes
  • Private training starting at $80 Per Session

Workouts tailored For you

There’s no one in the world exactly like you – no one else shares your exact same goals, training experience, medical history, or lifestyle. Our team of experienced personal trainers will design a program specific to you and your goals.

They push you and hold you accountable

It’s easy to lose your momentum when you’re on your own at the gym. With a trainer, you're held accountable and can actually push yourself to an extent that you didn't think you could before.

nutrition coaching

We work with you to optimize the whole body to function at it’s best. This includes the food we use to fuel it. We’ll guide you to create meal plans that will taste great and deliver amazing results.

“Since joining Dynamic Fitness 2 years ago my overall wellness has transformed thanks to Jeff’s holistic approach to fitness and nutrition. Prior to training at Dynamic Fitness, I focused solely on cardio but lacked strength and found my running pace plateauing. I may have appeared in shape, but I wanted more muscle definition and felt bored with my repetitive routine. I certainly would not have been able to do unassisted pull-ups or squat close to 200lbs!

Today, I run faster than ever and continuously feel challenged by the workouts, which have not repeated once since I started. Jeff gives you specialized attention whether weightlifting, doing cardio, plyometrics or stretching. My body has toned and the results I wanted all those years finally show! I feel strong and confident and know the results will last. ”

— Emily C., Dynamic Fitness Co. Member

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