Group Motivation

Community Training is small group personal training focused on increasing strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition all while providing a supportive community with great energy and even a bit of old-fashioned competition!

Our Community classes FEATURE:

  • Group sessions with max of Ten people
  • a unique blend of mobility, strength and conditioning exercises
  • Designed for everyone, tailored to individual fitness levels
  • No two classes are the same
  • Most flexible option for busy schedules

Challenging and Dynamic Workouts

Our programs are always changing, you won’t do the same workout twice.  Classes are limited to 10 participants to allow instructors to focus on providing quality instruction while still making each class fun and motivating.

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“Amazing place!!! I have been going here for a little over a month and can already see a difference in not only my body but my strength! Jeff is an awesome trainer and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects from training to nutrition. I would 100% recommend Dynamic to anyone!”

— Annie, Community Class Member

“I have known Jeff to be a competitor that is knowledgeable, trains smart and hard, and pays great attention to details. Without a doubt, he will help his clients build strength that will help them in their everyday lives.”

— Ty, Community Class Member

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